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Are you ready to get fit and healthy?

Here at G Town Fitness in Grandview, WA we want to see you crush your fitness and health goals! We have all the tools and resources to get you to where you want to be physically and mentally. Our facilities are open 24/7 allowing you to get your workout in when it’s most convenient for you. We are dedicated to providing the best environment possible for you to achieve the results you want. Join our gym and let us help you get stronger, healthier, and happier!

G Town Fitness - Grandview, WA - 24 Hour Fitness Gym

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If you’re ready to get fit and stay on top of your health, G Town Fitness is the place to be! Come join our gym and experience the results for yourself!


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Once you’ve toured the facilities and you’re ready to get the party started, you can easily sign up for a plan online or in person. Click “Sign Up Now” to get started!


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Once you’re in, it’s time to get to work. We are here to help you stay active and motivated. Consistency is the key to hitting your fitness goals. Let’s crush it!

What People Are Saying

I LOVE G-town fitness. It has everything you need for a good workout. And on top of all that, they just added a smoothie bar and some yummy snacks and protein waffles -Which I had this morning and they were SO GOOD!

Maria M

Grandview, WA

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Important Note on Couples Plan:

On the next screen, you will be able to sign up for the Couples Plan. Before you do, please note that there are no fields on the sign up form that relate to the Secondary Person on the account. As such, please provide the information for the Secondary below and we will get their info added to your account after you complete registration on the following page. Thank you! 

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